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  • What are the top dividend stocks to buy monthly or in one go?
  • What are true growth stocks you should consider?
  • Right now what risks should we watch for?
  • How can I create a retirement income from dividends?

Do you think only you have these questions about investing in Pakistan's stock market? ⬆️

At least 60 other long-term investors had these questions and now they don't, because they get expert answers twice daily!

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  • Daily Q&A sessions with a 15-year market veteran
  • 4 in-depth educational videos per month
  • Monthly short courses on strategic investing
  • Guidance on creating 15-stock model portfolios
  • Insights on thematic investing for better returns

All of this for just Rs166/day! Less than your daily chai and biscuit. (payment 30k for 6 months)

Pay in Pak Rupee or Pay through Credit Cards - both options available!

If you're serious about long-term structural investing in Pakistan's stock market - this is all you need!

Ready to become a confident, successful investor?

P.S. This is not an advisory service i.e. I will not give you buy/sell calls on specific sectors or stocks nor I will give you specific timing to enter or exit the market. I will explain important developments in detail through videos so that you know enough to make your own decisions!

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Everything that comes with the community membership ⤵️

Subscription Value

Rs30,000 or $99 - every 6 months

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👉 Stock/Sector Ideas (1/month)


- FFCs - When people ignore cashflows

- Should you look at cement? (is this the start of a cycle)

- ILP - Value of growth

- Impact of interest rates on companies

In the pipeline

- PABC (Feb'24) - A business with no competitor, good sponsors, and continuous expansion - What is the value of this stock?

* These are not buy/sell calls. The purpose here is to look at new developments and equip you to make better decisions!

👉 Short Courses (1/month)

Published so far

In the pipeline:

- Technical Analysis for Fundamental Investors

- 5 Mistakes every investor should avoid - case studies

- How to become an investor from being a trader - mental model

👉 Ask me Anything (1/month)

You can ask:

- Anything technical about the stock market trading, account opening, money matters, etc

- Mutual funds (performance comparison, technical stuff, account opening, choosing the right fund as per your needs, etc.)

- Fundamental discussion on a company's financials, triggers, and risks

- General market level discussions


- Tips for Trading

- Daily buy and sell calls

- Financial advice as to which stock should you invest in today

👉 Model Portfolio & Video (1st of Every month + Performance review at the end)

How does a mutual fund decide stocks? They look at what may happen in the coming month and change their allocations. This is what i will do for you each month.

The exact process!

Right now:

- We make a stock model portfolio with the reasoning why did we add a certain stock? themes that we see playing, etc

In Future:

- Asset Allocation based wealth portfolio i.e. which asset you should own, according to your situation, etc

👉 Slack Discussion Group (from 2nd Month on)

To encourage a healthy and coherent community, you will only be allowed to join the Slack group in the second month of the membership or if you buy the 6-months plan.

I am trying to build a community where people know and help each other and it is only possible when you have been in the community, understand, enjoy the stuff, and want to participate in the discussions.

However, as soon as you join, you will get access to the content immediately.

What happens inside the Slack Community?

Announcement Group

- Content upload updates

- Polls on topic ideas for short courses and Stock ideas

Discussion Group

- A place where community members can ask questions during office hours about the uploaded content and general stuff

- Paying for the community doesn't mean that Slack access will be open to you. This is a complimentary access and to maintain the discipline of the group, only eligible people will be given access.

👉 Extras (on as-and-when basis)

Anything that is important on an as-and-when basis that can help YOU to understand and act on the market better like:

- Anything important in the MPS statement

- Any important company financial results that are worth mentioning etc

- Monthly sales, offtake, or dispatch numbers worth mentioning

What is available instantly for you to watch?

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get access to the PSX for Enthusiastic Investors Course also along with the membership?

Unfortunately, the "PSX for Enthusiastic Investors Course" will not be accessible to you.

On the bright side, if you decide to purchase the course, you'll receive complimentary access to our community for 3 months (2 months if you purchase a self-paced version).

This presents a fantastic opportunity for you to learn the fundamentals and advanced concepts, as well as observe how these concepts manifest in the real world through informative articles on various companies, sectors, and the economy, that we will publish each week.

The best part? Being a community member, you will have access to Mr. Furqan Punjani (through WhatsApp discussions) to pick his brain and understand his thinking process.

What are short courses and how often will they be released?

As a community, we believe that every retail investor in Pakistan should possess certain important skills. Thus, we will create a video ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour on most of these skills.

Our short courses will be released periodically, and as a member of our community, you will have unrestricted access to all of these courses and their associated materials.

Our inaugural short course will provide a comprehensive guide on correctly identifying the top dividend-yielding stocks in Pakistan. This course aims to help you choose the best dividend-paying stocks consistently.

Can anyone purchase these short courses?

These short courses will only be available to InvestKaar's community members.

Would you give buy and sell calls on the stocks?

Our philosophy is to educate individuals on discovering their own ideal stocks based on their personal risk preferences. Hence we will focus more on the Why instead of What.

In our community, stock conversations will revolve around:

- the company's financials,

- My reasoning for mentioning these stocks vs so many others (including their story and historical analysis), and

- how retail investors can utilize these insights to construct their own stories for similar stocks.

How is InvestKaar's community different than other paid communities?

Following the principle of learning first and investing afterward, our community is focused on helping retail investors understand the important concepts before they put their money.

Most of the groups out there focus on trading by giving tips every day however our focus is to bring investors together! This is how this community will be different!

Is there a trial period?

It is natural to ask for a trail since this concept of fundamental driven community is new in Pakistan, however given the limited number of seats we don't have this option.

I think it is either for you or its not and you will have an idea about whats in it by watching the intro video or content basket above.

Will I be allowed to ask as many questions as I want?

Yes but given that you have done some homework to fine-tune the question and find answers. Usually, when we have access to someone we tend to ask whatever we think about right then and there. However, in the community, we discuss stuff that you tried getting answers to and couldn't find. This helps us all ask better questions and get proper answers.

Do I have a 1-1 access to you?

Paying for the community doesn't allow anyone to have 1-1 access to me. Whatever questions you have, will only be responded to in the public chat group.

Can I pay in Pak Rupee instead of dollars?

Yes, you can but only in the case of 6 monthly payments.

For monthly payments, only dollar payments are accepted.

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